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Top Sport Betting Sites in Asia

top beeting in asia - Top Sport Betting Sites in Asia

Asian betting sites have increasingly grown into favorite form of entertainments in terms of online betting. For those who want dive deeper into a world of gambling in Asia, here are two sites that have been topping most of online gambling sites lists.


  1. XBET

XBET has segmented itself only for serious player since its first appearance in 2016. The commitment to running the business with reputation and dignity takes XBET to the next and higher level by holding a full license from Antigua and Barbuda Director of Offshore Gaming. By that, it also ensures higher online security and safety for sport betting sites in American market.


XBET thoroughly covers all major sports such as MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey, NFL football, and NBA Basketball. There is a bunch of choice starting from standard games to teasers, round-robins, and parlays. One thing that may make XBET slightly different from the others is that it also has a full of coverage for the sports that seems not commonly to be betting on such as golf, boxing, horse racing, martial arts (MMA), tennis, motor sports, Australian football, cricket, Badminton, even e-Sports. The interface of its website is very user friendly, displaying lines in a readable format which eases the user to navigate everything going on the computer or phone screen. Moreover, XBET is not all about sport betting, it also provides betting games on politics and entertainment.


Unlike many others, XBET does not require the players to download the mobile app version. Instead, it ensures its own sites are fully and easily accessible through the web browser of any mobile device screen by making the entire menu easy to navigate.



BETWAY has developed its reputable site since 2006. The site features sports book with more than 30.000 betting markets offered. There are more than 500 standard games with awards to make the excitment of betting experience on fire regardless of the level. BETWAY also develops games adapting those casino games in Las Vegas to make the users feel like being in Vegas without stepping out of their homes. The tournaments available for online betting range from Martial Art (MMA) to Premier League to darts. You can play almost all sports provided online. BETWAY draws no limitation when it comes to choices without setting aside its trusted security and regulation.


The mobile app version of BETWAY is ready to download on iPhone and Android devices via BETWAY’s site or Appstore. The sport coverage of BETWAY include golf, tennis, racing, football, motor sports and many more. This also features a hybrid casino game enabling the players to play on such a fast move.


BETWAY / pastidapat has an in-play betting menu where a player is able to take a part in live action, place a bet on, and take an advantage after the event unfold. The chance of winning when playing in-play betting is bigger because all you have to do is clicking on “go to in-play” button then the complete list consisting of live wagering events will be displayed.




Currently, Asia has become world’s betting market due the rapid and massive growth of its population. However, the constant change among the people also gives a huge impact on how the betting works in betting sites. This adds a lot more things to anticipate by the prospective players before depositing their money on it.


Most of betting sites in Asia serve a lot number of different sports. Oftentimes, the market is divided into regional, national, and international level. With that said, a comprehensive coverage of local tournaments is also available and open for betting. In East Asia such as Korea and Japan, baseball is more loved than football. In South Asia such as India and Pakistan, cricket is their nationwide pride. Moreover, sports such as golf and tennis are not out of the spotlight. Betting platforms in Asia also serves a comprehensive coverage of NBA, NHL, NFL, and any major baseball league for those who live in North American and who do not enjoy the coverage of European league as much as the others do.


Ensuring the legitimacy of betting sites / agen judi in Asia is very important. You also have to make sure that the site you choose accepts the currency that you are about to deposit. Online betting services in Asia are mostly under regulation of local or national officials. Many Asian countries are still studying the process to improve the betting policies to guarantee the safety and security for both players from their countries or across the border. In the process of developing the betting policies, some of the betting sites are regulated and licensed by the country where they are based. One thing that you should bear in mind that license does not always guarantee a site not to misconduct. Again, be well-informed before stepping your way.


To protect yourself from an unfortunate event, you should always take a successful track of a betting site into your consideration first. The safer, the more reputation it gains from the audience. As a rule, the companies who are unethical are not long-lasting.

How to deposit your money at betting sites in Asia?


A plenty of deposit methods are facilitated by many reputable betting sites in Asia. The most preffered are those which provide money transfers from a bank account or credit card. There are also integrated services, for instance, e-pocket such as AsiaPay88 and Moneybookers that support all the transactional necessities with trusted reliability and security. Some of sites may also allow you to directly deposit from credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa but the usage may be restricted by territory and geographical location.


Generally, when a player wins the prize, he or she will cash out the money based on the method they make to deposit in the site they are betting. If they deposit by bank transfer, they will receive the amount of money won by bank transfer as well. So it all depends on what kind of financial service you use from the very first place.


Top Sport Betting Sites in USA

bet usa - Top Sport Betting Sites in USA

Betting online has become a much bigger business in the USA. Some states take it seriously by pushing the licenses and regulations and it also establishes mutual symbiosis with the major in Nevada and New Jersey. Most of favorite and trusted companies which provide sport online betting sites are abroad-based such as from Curacao, Malta, Antigua, the Isle of Man, and many more. It is very important to look for a site with a reputation and most expected infomation before dealing with it. Here are the top 2 of betting sites in the USA.



MyBookie is one of the betting sites that guarantees safety and security for your online betting necessities. The website is highly considered the best and the most respected for its world-class expertise and client care among other online entertainment sites. At MyBookie, users are free to wager on their favorite events and field of sports. Their eyes will also be spoiled by the interface which is user-friendly and slick. This betting site provides odds in a large number of betting types for every major tournaments running. There is also a race book product offered if a player wants to bet on all major tracks on racing game.


MyBookie enables you to bet anytime from your device including smartphones without downloading app consuming your phone storage. Betting is one log-in away. Also, as a platform that has dedication to give the best casino gaming to its users, MyBookie features Vegas-like style game such as blackjack and video poker to play. The minimum wager you can place at MyBookie is is 2 dollars and the maximum wager is 1000 dollars. There is no limit if you place your bet over your phone.



BetOnline was previously known as during its initial emergence back in 2001. After having a lot of rebrands, now BetOnline has become one of the top betting sites available online. BetOnline is based, registered, and licensed in Panama City, Panama. At first, BetOnline was only providing sport books, but now it has expanded the expertise by developing a race book, poker room, casino, and all gaming hub under one BetOnline franchise. It is a very good move to attract more players especially those who enjoy channel-crossing their gaming. BetOnline has a variety of features for its user. One unique and invaluable feature is ‘Half-time Surrender”. This feature enables players to withdraw their wager at half-time and have their half stake back when it seems hopeless to win the event.


Mobile betting is also available at its site Account log-in is required in order to straightforwardly place the bets and any other moves. It works well on any kind of hand-held devices including Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone without downloading. Moreover, it offers online live betting on every major sport events such as NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and many more. The live betting section has a very good design and it is really easy to navigate while placing the bet all along.


How to Calculate the Betting Odds.

odd calculate - How to Calculate the Betting Odds.

Odds are important elements when it comes to calculating the chance in betting. Someone needs to understand the betting odds profoundly, especially in sport, to be able to read and predict the potential of taking the glory. In addition, there is a chance of the odds constantly changing when the tournament is open. Here you need to have a back-up calculation for different winning to sustain the winning possibility. Involving the odds can possibly multiply the likelihood of your betting team or player to win the event and the amount of money you will probably take home. Here are the steps on how to read the odds in betting world.


  1. Writing the odds

Betting odds tell the probability of the final result. They often indicate which team or athlete is more likely to win the game. There are different types of writing the odds, most of them are in the form of percentage of an outcome compared to one another. To illustrate, when a coin is flipped, the odds are the same because the outcome will most likely be between tail or head. It is also called one to one situation. Also, if there is a 60% chance of winning a lottery, then there is a 40% chance of losing it as well. The odds are 60 to 40. Odds are out of touch of scientific hands, so it may be changing as the situation is changing too.


Betting odds are always associated with sport tournament. That is to mean that historical data of a team’s statistics can be used to calculate the odds before you place the bet to predict who has a bigger chance to have a victorious celebration in the end. Teams which become most people’ favorite have a tendency to have the highest odds. The prediction is considered less likely to happen if the odds are low. Although is not wrong to always place the bet on the favorites, betting on the underdogs has a high winning potential too. If they win, their victory will turn lower odds into a higher profit for you.


  1. Knowing the Terminology on Betting

Knowing a lot of vocabularies on betting will help you get through the calculation a lot easier. Usually, a betting establishment will help you learn the terminology by giving out a booklet or a mini dictonary. You need to comprehend very well those words before trying to read and calculate the odds. Some of the common words are Action which means a wager of bet placed with any amount of money, Bookie or some who calculates the odds and accepts the bets, Chalk is the most betted of favorite, Hedging or the act to minimizing the losing chance by placing the bets on the team with the low and the high odds, Line or the newest points or odds on the game on any tournament, and the last is Wager or the betting money you place and pay for the final result of the event


Top Betting Sites in Australia

betting sites 1 - Top Betting Sites in Australia

In Australia, betting sites have become one of the most demanding business industry. Data has recorded that the growth of betting market in Australia is one the fastest in the world. It is all sustained by the participation of 80% Australian residents in the world of gambling. This also leads to the increasing number of online betting sites and gambling fans. Gambling industries in Australia have multiple layers of protections. Gamblers are protected under the existing federal legislation and the sites are regulated by State and Territory authorities. Here a list of the best platform to bet for any purposes you have.


  1. BET365

BET365 is a world-level brand that has been providing a plenty of betting services with thousand options and types in the world. The operation is under the regulation and license from UK Gambling Commission. Apart from its sport betting sites, BET365 also features the other kind of games such as casino and poker in which they all can be played in one username and password.


Creating an account at BET365 will not waste your time so much. You are only required to put some personal information about yourself, create username and password, and verify your identity. Identity verification is highly needed for extra security and safety. You should not be under 18 of age when registering. Once everything is set, you are ready to do what you need to do next.


Deposit methods are available in a variety of ways. You can make use of check, bank transfers, Entropay, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Instadebit, and Paysafe Card. Those banking services are also available for withdrawals.


Bettors can easily place the bets by using their own smartphone. It is very compatible for any hand-held devices with the same functionalities with the desktop version. Live betting is also provided to keep the fun and the challenges alive.


  1. Pinnacle

Pinnacle was first established in 1998. Along the development, it has grown into a giant competitor among the other betting sites that are to ignore. It basically offers a bunch of betting options with main coverage in European and American sport events. One special thing that Pinnecle has is the offer to place the bet live during the commercial breaks in the middle of NBA and football games. The price offered at Pinnacle is considered one of the cheapest.


Betting is one sign-up away. Besides all basic information you should provide online, you also need to select one deposit method for making a deposit on your account and withdrawing the cash out in case you win it. The methods available range from Mastercard, Visa, Bank Wire, Moneybookers, Netteler, to Instadebit. Each withdrawal will charge you 15 dollars but you will have one no-charge withdrawal per month.


Mobile betting version of Pinnacle is very easy to navigate, making it a lot easier for both beginners and experience bettors to play. Live betting is also provided with a wide range of odds and options, enabling the bettor to choose any sports with one effortless move.

Top Betting Sites in Canada

betting sites - Top Betting Sites in Canada

A large number of betting sites in Canada have been tirelessly servicing sports bettors for a while. Most of them have a base in Central America and the Caribbean. The brands have also grown into a larger number and expanded to the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. Here is a little insight you may need regarding which site is the best to play at, how to play, and how the deposit method works


  1. BODOG

BODOG is a place where you can enjoy betting on various sport, ranging from NCAA basketball to NFL football. The sportsbook of BODOG has gained the best rating from many reviewers due to its highly respected customer service and care. If you have a problem with the site or anything, a solution is one e-mail and one phone call away. Response will be delivered in less than 15 minutes and phone calls will be picked up 24/7.


BODOG is one of rich betting sites in information as it provides free analysis in the form of statistical data in every match, section, and lineup. This also covers any coverage in basketball, football, baseball, and also hockey. Aside from sport betting, there are many more games available at BODOG such as blackjacks and poker games. It is a good test to test your luck in betting online.


Mobile betting is a feature that makes betting effective. There is no app download needed to operate the mobile betting feature. You only need to go to to set your account, deposit money, and place the bet on events like MLB, NFL, and NBA. The mobile version of BODOG is very compatible with popular devices such as iPhone and Android. There is also in-live betting provided on the live betting section. Here is the game going so dynamically as the odds are constantly changing, following the placed bets and the game plan applied. The minimum bet at BODOG is 1 dollar and the maximum bet is 100 dollars. Betting is really easy here since it only requires a single click on the live icon.



INTERTOPS is one of the oldest sport betting sites in Canada. It was established in 1983 and has gone online since 1996. The sophistication made INTERTOPS very competitive with its excellent service and high standard when it comes to providing the best for the costumers. INTERTOPS is licensed by by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and registered in Curacao. There are more than 4.000 daily wagers available for online bettors in 180 countries in the world.


Account setting up is a pretty quick process, you only need to fill out some basic information regarding your identity and choose the deposit method that you have and the site accepts. Costumer service are 24/7 ready to deal with your problem and they can reached out by e-mail, contact, or Skype.

There are also features that enable the user to bet through their mobile phones and participate in online betting on all major field of sports. The interface is quite spoiling, displaying very user-friendly design and navigation.


Getting to Know More Words on Betting Online

mobile bwin - Getting to Know More Words on Betting Online

There are so many terminologies on betting online that may sound like our everyday words yet we do not know what they exactly mean. Although the number of words on betting is overwhelming to handle, knowing all these new vocabularies are very useful particularly for newbie bettors.  The first words you will encounter in the beginning of your gaming journey are bet and wager. Both bet and wager have similar meaning which is the amount of money you lay on the prediction or your own outcome. You will see how those two words are interchangeably used in any articles related to this matter. Bet and wager can be used as bot noun and verb. There more words considered essential to know, they are Parties to the wager, Stake, Selection, Odds, and Payout.


  1. Parties to the wager

Typically, there are always two parties opposing each other in a game. In betting online world, those two parties are bettor and bookmaker. A bettor has a role to place the wager while a bookmaker is obliged to take the wager. The other term of taking a wager is laying a wager.


  1. Selection

Selection, in general betting online, is what the bettor is placing as the bet. If a bettor thinks that the A Team would take the victory, then the selection would be “A Team to Win”. A selection does not have be in the form of a team or individual to succeed at the event. There is a variety of distinct styles of wager other than sporty events.


  1. Stake

Stake is the amount of money you put it at risk on a wager. When a wager is being placed, you should pay a decent amount of money to a bookmaker. The bookmaker has a function to prevent the stakes from losing wager and give them back for the winning wagers. Most of bettors are required to stake by bookmakers with a minimum amount of money. The lowest stake is not less than 1 dollar. There is also a maximum amount of stake that limits how much money a bettor can bet.


  1. Odds

Odds are offered by bookmakers for any selections available. The odds are in charge of determining how much money a bookmaker should pay to a bettor based on the stake with a correct selection. Odds, in other words, have something to do with being correct when it comes to making selection. The odds are usually high when the chances are low, and it does works the other way round.


  1. Payout

Payout is the total amount paid to the bettor by a bookmaker for his selection is correct when betting online. It is usually quoted when the initial stake is placed and given back to the bettors along with the payout won. Payout is paid through banking transactions depending on what the winner uses when registering at the betting online site or what kind of transactions the site accepts. The process of cashing out the money process may take a different time, again, depending on the companies.


The Questions about Poker Online Real Money

poker faq online - The Questions about Poker Online Real Money

Here are more questions on poker online real money that the answers you need to know so that you will have a massive success at it and a minimal fraud.


  1. Is depositing with a credit card safe?

By using credit card to buy all of required features to enable you play without limitation does not guarantee a higher protection, yet it can still be a lot safer option available. This is because all those reckless and unnecessary decision made by you or the other irresponsible party can be recorded in details. Make sure the site that you are about to put your card details on is well-regulated and trusted. Also, you should be on a safe connect for the extra safety. Like any other online transaction, It is not suggested to put all of your credit card information in a shared computer and connection. It is a lot safer to do it all in your own devices.


  1. Do players cheat?

A lot of players play in anonymity as the will not provide many information about them even their real names. This tendency is what makes poker online real money seems to be a big room full of cheaters. There are cheaters or, at least, those who try to, but one thing you should know is the idea to bring anything to an online platform is meant to make everything more accessible so that any misconduct can be seen by all players.


A poker online real money site is equipped with software that have a function to analyze every single of a player, giving an extra attention to the uncommon moves that are formed. The cheating can be uncovered by the habit of a user in the working system that is present during the play. With that said, there is no way to find a tiny chance to cheat because it will be busted right away.


The ugly consequence of cheating in trusted poker site is a ban from playing for certain period of time or even forever. Yet, every site has different approaches when it comes to cheating with the cheaters. In certain cases, cheater are sued, fined, or even charges.


  1. How are the prize cashed out?

If you happened to be a winner of poker online real money, you surely want to cash out the amount of money you win. There are various ways to draw the money depending on the site you are playing and where you are living. Besides, deposit method determines how you should take your money. There may be a limited amount of money applied by the company of your card and a possibility that you card is not acceptable that makes the process take more time.


To diminish the chance of making the withdrawal process longer, be sure to check the deposit process first before signing up due to different terms and conditions that a site owns. Furthermore, it may most likely that you need to have a check before you accept the money officially

Tips for Betting Online

online gaming - Tips for Betting Online


Betting online has become alternative entertainment because it is really fun, simple, and it can be a new source of money.  For beginners, there may be found some fuzziness when starting off but the actually do not have any obligation to rush it off.  Beginners should get their hands on anything first to get the hype of betting. They do not need to worry about making mistake because it is the first step toward making a great amount of profit later on. For your firsthand guidance, here are some tips on how to bet online for beginners despite the goals of playing


  1. Learn the Basics

Knowing the basics of betting online will make the experience a lot much easier to get through. They may not bet the main winning factors, but surely they will get you on the right path before placing the wager. The styles of betting are the first knowledge that every beginner should know. There 5 styles of betting which are In play or live betting, Spread betting, Exchange betting, E-sports betting, and Pari-mutuel betting.


agen judi piala dunia 2018 In play or live betting is a style where a place can place a bet after the event starts. It is very contrast to the conventional one where wager is place before the events unfold. Exchange betting involves two players or bettors that will act as a selction backer and a bookmarker. In spread betting, there are no fixed odds where players do not lose or win but they have to choose whether the spread will end up being higher or lower.  Pari-mutuel betting is very popular in terms of horse racing betting but still can it be used for the other field of sports.  The last is E-sports betting. It is not very different from traditional betting with fixed odds but the vets will be placed on video gaming competition.


  1. Setting Goals

Goals are very important since you need to achieve something in the world you will have wasted much time of. Even though the percentage of winning profit in the long term is very small, you still have to make the most of it. You need to take advantage of the little and difficult chance you have. One common reality of being a beginner is that you will less likely to win at your first attempt; a full knowledge of sport does not guarantee a higher percentage of winning but that can be a good capital. It is better to set ‘having fun’ as your first purpose of entering the betting world, once you have mastered the basics, lost or practiced a lot, and become sophisticated enough to play at a larger stage, then you can change the purpose into ‘earning profit’.


  1. Being Selective

The world of betting online can be cruel with a hand of ugly consequnces. You have to be very selective when it comes to where the site you are playing and how much amount of money you are about to place a your first bet.


The Questions about Poker Online Real Money

faq poker - The Questions about Poker Online Real Money

Playing poker online real money has a very high risk. That is why prospective players should be aware of the things that lead them to a great financial loss. That unfortunate event can be prevented if the players know the common rules of the game and how it is supposed to be played out in the platform. Moreover, to help you, prospective players, here is a list of questions you should look for the answers before hitting the register and play buttons.


  1. Is it safe to play online poker?

This is the first and foremost question popping up in our minds when we want to start playing poker online real money. Since there are many choices of games for the players to choose, the chance of being rigged is getting wider as well. No one can make sure that one site is 100% safe, but it can be known from the popularity of the site. The more popular, the more well-regulated and well-run a site is. On the other hands, if you decide to play with a site with unknown and unlicensed regulation and permission, the risk is getting higher. For your own safety, play at sites that provide a certificate of confidence. In U. K. and Malta, the certificate is given out in respected gaming are so that the users can rest assured knowing their information they put on the site is safe.


  1. How is money earned by poker sites?


Normally, there are two ways to make money through this kind of game. When the game is about to start, the official site will take the rake. The rake is a percentage of money that has been calculated on the pots. It is usually not more than 5% and automatically charged by the site. In other words, the rake is one the main ways where a player earns money because the only one who is affected by the loss of money on the pots is the winning player.


The second way to gain money from poker game is by holding a tournament. There will usually be an entry fee charged for the participants who wish to join the ball game. The entry fee ranges from 5 to 100 dollars, it can be various depending on the popularity of the sites. There are actually many more ways to keep the money coming such as holding the licensed software and having a corporation to provide the same access on the other sites of poket online real money.



  1. Does the site rig the game?

Rigged games are one of major issues when it comes to playing poker online real money. It may be suspected by the unfortunate players as a mean of the site to make money. In fact, a lot of major poker sites provide reliability and transparency of their games. Players are allowed to check the running games on daily basis and report any problems to be recorded and noted by the site. As it is said earlier, you had better play the games on the well-regulated sites to prevent this unwanted misery from happening