The Questions about Poker Online Real Money

Playing poker online real money has a very high risk. That is why prospective players should be aware of the things that lead them to a great financial loss. That unfortunate event can be prevented if the players know the common rules of the game and how it is supposed to be played out in the platform. Moreover, to help you, prospective players, here is a list of questions you should look for the answers before hitting the register and play buttons.


  1. Is it safe to play online poker?

This is the first and foremost question popping up in our minds when we want to start playing poker online real money. Since there are many choices of games for the players to choose, the chance of being rigged is getting wider as well. No one can make sure that one site is 100% safe, but it can be known from the popularity of the site. The more popular, the more well-regulated and well-run a site is. On the other hands, if you decide to play with a site with unknown and unlicensed regulation and permission, the risk is getting higher. For your own safety, play at sites that provide a certificate of confidence. In U. K. and Malta, the certificate is given out in respected gaming are so that the users can rest assured knowing their information they put on the site is safe.


  1. How is money earned by poker sites?


Normally, there are two ways to make money through this kind of game. When the game is about to start, the official site will take the rake. The rake is a percentage of money that has been calculated on the pots. It is usually not more than 5% and automatically charged by the site. In other words, the rake is one the main ways where a player earns money because the only one who is affected by the loss of money on the pots is the winning player.


The second way to gain money from poker game is by holding a tournament. There will usually be an entry fee charged for the participants who wish to join the ball game. The entry fee ranges from 5 to 100 dollars, it can be various depending on the popularity of the sites. There are actually many more ways to keep the money coming such as holding the licensed software and having a corporation to provide the same access on the other sites of poket online real money.



  1. Does the site rig the game?

Rigged games are one of major issues when it comes to playing poker online real money. It may be suspected by the unfortunate players as a mean of the site to make money. In fact, a lot of major poker sites provide reliability and transparency of their games. Players are allowed to check the running games on daily basis and report any problems to be recorded and noted by the site. As it is said earlier, you had better play the games on the well-regulated sites to prevent this unwanted misery from happening

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